Our Ambassadors

We are delighted to have the most sincerest users and appraisers of our JonEly products – young children of all ages and interests.

They are the first to test and evaluate our new products, use them in their everyday activities, and suggest how to improve one or another product. We are proud of our young ambassadors who are promoting the products of our company designed for children’s education and representing our company at various events.

Our friends:

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Art education studio “Mikitukas”

Art education studio Mikitukas is a place where music and art help children to discover themselves and their surroundings. Children get acquainted with various drawing techniques, workshops, opens creativity.

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LAA „Lietaus vaikai“

LAA “Lietaus vaikai” is a non-profit organization that unites parents of children with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders, adults with autism spectrum disorders (AS) and other natural and legal persons who contribute to the goals of the association.


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Šiauliai region Kairiai kindergarten „Spindulėlis“


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The Children’s and Youth Club “Tarp savų”

The Children’s and Youth Club “Tarp savų” pursuing a mission for many years. Many young people who have been involved in street life find this activity place. Social and specialist teaches help them with lessons, leisure time, organize camps, social skills training in social risk families. Target group – children at social risk families and children with delinquency behavior.