Creativity Frame

Creativity Frame “Colour Dunes”


You will create a wonderful and unique picture by pouring various grains, coloured chalk and other bulk products. Small pasta, dyed salt, sand and everything found at home or outdoors will be perfect for filling. The creativity frame can be emptied and another ornament can be created. We recommend using buckwheat, poppy seeds, semolina, rice, crushed corn and lentils.

To stop the grain from spilling to the sides, we use a play tray, that we make. With its help all of the grain that is used will pour in between the 2 glasses. When you are done with the painting, you put the upper part of the frame back on, and then your painting of grain products is done.

You can find more about the items that you can use in our product, visit blog or Facebook page .

  • Recommended for children from age of 3 years and above

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