Game board Adventure Town


Game board Adventure town with different double-sided magnetic details provides opportunity to get to know the environment, seasons and symbols of nature. Houses, people, animals, plants, vehicles and bridges allow create stories and go on adventures without restrictions!


  • The child’s cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and sensory skills are developed senses, memory and attention;
  • Helps to express the child’s feelings and moods;
  • Learning to interpret and create stories.

By connecting two-sided game backgrounds side by side, you can expand without limit game space. Thus developing the child’s abilities to systematize, analyze, connect details by logical sequence and similarity. And adding more players will develop social and teamwork skills.

One game set includes:

  • Double-sided base (1 pc.);
  • Two-part stand (1 pc.);
  • Different double-sided magnetic parts (20 pcs.).

The entire Adventure Town collection can be selected: Adventure town City, Adventure town Countryside, Adventure town Sea, Adventure town Winter

  • Recommended for children from age of 3 years and above.

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