Magic Light Easel

Magic Light Easel


Unique and exclusive Magic Light Easel suitable for drawing with watercolours, gouache and washable markers.

It is tempered glowing glass on which you can paint on. Control unit of the device allows you to select from the range of 16 colours of the base lighting and every time create a new masterpiece. You can create a different impression of your piece of art only by changing the lighting. So, you should not immediately wipe out the landscapes you have created – change the colour and enjoy undiscovered ornaments of the drawing. Unlike a paper drawing that cannot be erased, the magic light easel can be renewed many times. You can choose your painting tools: watercolours, gouache, water based markers, and water based felt-tip pens, brushes and other accessories. Since the easel is suitable for drawing from both sides, the children can create as a team, express their emotions, complement each other, feel the mood of the companion.

The purpose of the Magic Light Easel:

  • Drawing board
  • Arena of theater
  • Bulletin board
  • Cafe/restaurant menu
  • Night lamp

LED RGB diodes are used inside the product.

This lighting is less hazardous than other mostly use light sources (TV, phone, computer).

The light source is inside the wooden frame, so it doesn’t emit light directly. The set has a remote control, with it you can lower the colour and brightness intensity. With the help of the remote control you can change the lighting.

People who are sensitive to light or the change in lighting it is advised to lower the light intensity and the speed of the color change programs with the help of the remote control.

  • Not recommended for people with epilepsy or similar conditions (or use with care).
  • Recommended for children from age of 3 years and above
Magic Light Easel

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