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Magic Light Sandbox


The Magic Light Sandbox is designed for games, art and therapy.

The base of the box is made of organic glass and therefore is safe to use both in a dry way (sand and grain pouring, organizing of various fine elements) and in a wet way (gouache and watercolour painting, drawing with cleanable markers).

Several children can safely play in the box simultaneously because the product can withstand the weight of 70 kg. The Magic Light Sandbox emits the light consisting of even 16 different colours and has four automatic lighting switching programs.

You can play and draw with semolina or sand using fingers or palms. You can also put your painting tools: watercolours, gouache, water based markers, and water based felt-tip pens, brushes and other accessories.

LED RGB diodes are used inside the product.

This lighting is less hazardous than other mostly use light sources (TV, phone, computer).

The product has Plexiglas, with the light transmittance of 45%. The set has a remote control, so you can lower the color and brightness intensity. People who are sensitive to light or the change in lighting it is advised to lower the light intensity and the speed of the color change programs with the help of the remote control.

  • Not recommended for people with epilepsy or similar conditions (or use with care).
  • Recommended for children from age of 3 years and above
Magic Light Sandbox

Product Options

Magic Light Sandbox
Magic Light Sandbox (basic)

Basic version of Magic Light Sandbox, without add-ons.

Magic Light Sandbox with sill-borders
Magic Light Sandbox with sill-borders

Additional borders of the magic light sandbox serve as a shelf.

Magic Light Sandbox with sill-borders and fixable chair
Magic Light Sandbox with sill-borders and fixable chair

A small chair can be fixed to the sill-border side. The chair, as appropriate, can be easily moved to any place of the edge of the box. It can be used both together with the sand and light box and separately.

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