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Magic light table is a small and lightweight table designed for games, art and therapy. The table has a higher edge preventing sand, semolina and other small elements used for creation from spilling. The light consisting of even 16 different colours and four different automatic colour change programs help create an impression of playfulness of the table.

You can draw with your fingers, brushes and pads on the table. A special sand raker, air blown through the straw, foot or palm imprints and other fun creative techniques allow you to discover various patterns, to create an infinite number of unique ornaments. While playing the child can choose his favorite heroes and pour some semolina and create stories, where the „Magic light table“ can make beautiful scenario for his adventure. Child can then change the lights to make it night (dark blue colour) or day (yellow colour). Multiple children can play at the same time. The table may also be used as a night lamp or as a light effect for theater scene. For more ideas please visit our blog, accessories or Facebook Page.

LED RGB diodes are used inside the product. This lighting is less hazardous than other mostly use light sources (TV, phone, computer).

The product has Plexiglas, with the light transmittance of 45%, the set has a remote control, with it you can lower the colour and brightness intensity.

People who are sensitive to light or the change in lighting it is advised to lower the light intensity and the speed of the colour change programs with the help of the remote control.

It is not recommended to use it (or use with care) for people with epilepsy or similar conditions.

The table can withstand a weight of up to 60 kg.

  • Not recommended for people with epilepsy or similar conditions (or use with care).
  • Recommended for children from age of 3 years and above

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