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Are products suited for children of all ages?

Our products suited for children from age 3.

I would like to know exact specification of item before I buy it. Where can I get it?

You can download User Manual (PDF) which is below product description.

Is the light used in the product hazardous to eyes?

LED RGB diodes are used inside the product. This lighting is less hazardous than other mostly use light sources (TV, phone, computer).

The light source is inside the wooden frame (Magic Light Easel) or have plexiglass (Magic Light Table, Magic Light Sandbox), so it does not emit light directly. The set has a remote control, with it you can lower the colour and brightness intensity.

People who are sensitive to light or the change in lighting it is advised to lower the light intensity and the speed of the color change programs with the help of the remote control.

It is not recommended to use it (or use with care) for people with epilepsy or similar conditions.

How can we buy the educational products that you provide?

You are very welcome to choose your provider by using map with list of our dealers. If you can’t find any in your region, please, contact us directly by e-mail

Do you offer warranty and what should I do if warranty service will be necessary?

Yes, all our JonEly educational products have a 2 years warranty. If you have problems or questions about JonEly products, please contact your region dealer at first.  If it is not possible, please, do not hesitate to send information directly to us by e-mail Keep your User Manual for warranty service.

Do you make your products by yourself or do you buy them from somewhere else?

All products under brand name JonEly are designed and produced by our company located in Lithuania.

What kind of materials and accessories can be used in various games?

For more ideas how our products can be used please visit our product pages or JonEly Facebook page

Are your products safe?

Our products meet EU standards and are certificated with the CE mark, so you can rest assured about the safety of your child.

Where are you located?

Our location and company contact information can be found here.

Does sand already included to Magic Light Table or should I buy it separate?

No, sand is not included.

I have lost my product User Manual. Where could I get this information?

You can download User Manual of every product from the product page.

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