Education tool – Water maze


The water maze is an educational tool that encourages real learning of the laws of nature through play. It is suitable for the formation of the child’s cause and effect connection.

The maze consists of two parts: the wooden legs and the main metal frame of the game.
With the help of a pump, the water rises easily. And the magnetic parts adapted to the game are easy to move, change their position and direction.
You can easily adjust the height of the maze.
The maximum height of the labyrinth is 150 cm.

The water maze is a cognitive educational tool for the laws of nature, which helps to learn the laws of physics.

  • Hand motility, hand-eye coordination is developed.
  • Sensory sensations are stimulated;
  • Concentration of attention is strengthened;
  • Creative spaces (boundaries) are expanded;
  • Can be used as a therapeutic tool in spec. for children in need.

This measure applies to:

  • For speech therapists;
  • Spec. for educators;
  • Spec. for children in need;
  • For the experimental program Steam (for schools, kindergartens).

The design of the water maze is adapted not only for educational institutions, but also for individual (universal) use.

The details of the water maze are printed with a 3D printer.
Environmentally friendly materials are used: plastic from corn starch.

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